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My Adoptive Grandson By : Sarah Slutz

I’m tired. After a day of finding wood all over the forest, I feel like sleeping all Winter. Winter, yes it’s near, and I shouldn’t be moping around. I should be cutting all that wood, well, at least then, I could sleep. A flush of memories invade my mind ...
Kamesennin : Son Gohan ! Wake up !
Son Gohan : (grunt) I wanna sleep ...
Kamesennin : It’s late already, let’s begin training or the milk will be late !
Son Gohan : I wanna sleep !
Kamesennin : No you don’t little brat ... (he dragged him out of bed) We began our training months ago and still you don’t wake up on time ...
Son Gohan : OK Sensei, I’m sorry, let’s begin.
Kamesennin : Well, at least maybe some day you’ll wake up readily ...
I smiled at the memory. I still missed my old sensei, and that had been so many years ago. His training had been good. Even at my age I’m capable of caring for my self here alone in Pauzu Yama. But, enough of memories, I can feel it in my bones that winter will be early.
I take my ax but decide against it, I’ll use my hands this time. As I am walking to where I had left my wood, I see something very strange coming from the sky. It looks like an egg. I see it coming down speedily and it lands with a crash. I am going to hide, but my curiosity gets the best of me and I go to see what is inside that ... whatever-
A closer inspection reveals that it is some kind of a capsule, but one I had never seen before. It is some kind of a ship, very strange indeed. It opens and I jump back startled. Hesitantly, I try to get nearer to it. A voice out of that thing says "Stable environment found, adequate temperature, humidity, gravity, contamination level, low. Process of unfreezing will be completed in one hour." I stared open mouthed at it. That thing could talk ? What kind of technology did that thing have ?
I venture a closer look. Inside the capsule I see a little baby. A baby ? I calculated about only weeks old. The baby had an unruly mass of hair on his head. He is naked and looks kind of cute. But wait a minute, a *tail* !?. This *baby* has a *tail* ?! How can that be ? He *can’t* be human !! But I see a very human yawn on his face. What can I do ? I can’t leave him here. But he has a tail. It is very improbable that his parents would come back. After all, I think that this ship has come from space, and that tail is *definitely not* human. But I am so lonely, and he is so cute. I take him in my arms and cover him with my outer garment. He is shivering. I decide one thing : You are my grandson now, and your name, little fellow, is Son Goku.
I set a shivering Goku on the bed. I will have to make a bed for him if he is going to stay here now. I sigh, The capsule or ship or whatever *said* (I can’t believe that thing talked) that Goku will wake up in an hour. I’ll have to wait ...
à An hour passes J . . .
He wakes up. He has dark, big, black eyes that stare at me. Instantly he begins crying savagely. I try to hold him, but he bites me, *hard*. With blood on my hand, and his wailing in my ears, I don’t feel my best. I try to hold him again, but this time he kicks me *very hard*. It looks like he isn’t a normal baby (well, what did I expect ? A baby comes from space with a tail, definitely not normal). Now I’ll have to go to town for the first time in years to buy bottles, clothes, diapers etc. I panic, I don’t know how to care for a baby ! ! Well, better try to put this baby to sleep, if I can.
Hours later, Goku finally sleeps out of sheer exhaustion. Today will be full moon, so I hope that the wolves don’t wake him up. I hear a distant howling and my hopes shatter. Goku immediately begins to cry. I take him, careful to avoid his mouth or legs (a bandage on my hand and a bruise on my arm remind me well enough) and take him outside to walk him. Seems like tonight both of us will not be able to sleep.
I was walking with a calmed down Goku, when he looked up at the full moon. Then, the strangest thing I have ever seen happened. He began growing hair all over, getting bigger, his body transforming. In a matter of seconds I was face to face with a giant monkey. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes, it was too amazing. But then a realization struck, this thing will kill me ! I begin running to my house, that fortunately is far away, the big monkey can not destroy it. I finally see the door. With a final push of my tired legs I finally get in the house. I am scared. Will the monkey come here ? All night passes and I can’t sleep. I keep thinking, what happened ? But, now I know. It was the full moon. So I’ll have to keep Goku in doors the full moon nights. Well, the sun has already risen, so I’ll have to look for him. I put on my coat, it’s already a little cold, and go out. The damage he did was great. Everywhere, fallen trees, broken mountains. It is a good thing that he wasn’t in town, it would have been much worse. Well, at last I have found the little fellow. He is at the bottom of a cliff. Is he alive ? I hope so. I feel his pulse Oh, yes he is alive, but very injured. It is a miracle that he survived that fall. I take him home and cure him.
à Some weeks pass J . . .
In the last weeks that have passed I have seen some strange changes that I don’t know what to make of. First, Goku is much more peacefull than before, he even is sweet. Second, he eats like nobody I have ever meet and he is suposedly a baby. Third, he is very strong for someone his age. In one of his crying fits (that fortunatedly are less frequent these days) he made a hole through the roof. Then he continued peacefully as if nothing had happened. When he is old enough, I’ll train him.
I decided that the day he came (April 16) is as good a date as any for his birthday.

à After two years J . . .
Today is Goku’s second birthday, and I have to say that I have grown very atached to the little fellow. I have learned to control his tantrums and to hunt a lot to satisfy his huge appetite. He sometimes comes with me and already knows which animals are good to eat and which plants, too. He calls me Hohan, something that never will fail in making me laugh. He asks for food etc. in a very loud way, but he’ll learn. Today I have promised him that, because it is a special occasion, we will go to the lake. He is very exited and keeps saying "lek, lek". He is a very lively boy. We go walking the mile long way to the lake, and he doesn’t even complain. Since he learned to walk he never tires out. He looks at me and says "Hohan, wer is lek ?" I look at his huge eyes and his unruly hair and smile ; he is looking at me as if I was his hero or something. I smile again and tell him, "Near, my boy, near." In ten minutes we arrive at our destination. Goku immediately plunges inside the lake, taking great pleasure in splashing water all over. I sit under a tree, thinking about how the arrival of Goku had changed my life. I relax and begin dozing, it is a cool day. Suddenly, I hear screams and stand up. I see Goku swimming desperately, then I see a black flipper sticking out of the lake. A Shark ? ! ? ! ? ! ? In a lake ? I jump inside the water, looking for him, crying out his name. But them I saw Goku beating up the shark ! I see the blood coming out and then I look at Goku, beaming proudly, saying "hunt, hunt".

à A year later J . . .
Today is Goku’s third birthday. And that is not the only thing that makes this day special, today I’ll begin his training. I know I may not live forever, and he must know how to care for himself. He must learn to get wood and cut it, to hunt and to cook the hunt, to make clothes for himself, etc. And if he is now capable of doing all this he will be outdoors, possibly at night and I must tell him not to look at the full moon.
Son Gohan : Goku, come here
Goku : Hai !
Son Gohan : Goku, I must tell you a frightening story. It is about a boy, that when he looks at the full moon, he turns into a giant monkey ! !
Goku : Who is him, grampa ?
Son Gohan : We may never know, but you are in danger, each full moon, because he may come. So, I must warn you about it. You must never, I tell you NEVER ! ! ! ! look at the full moon.
Goku : Why ?
Son Gohan : Because he, the monkey may come.
Goku : Is he scary ?
Son Gohan : Really scary, he is huge, like this (he makes a gesture with his arms) and he is hairy, like a bear, and he has a hideous mouth like a shark (he makes a face).
Goku : Hahahaha (he looks delighted with the "special effects"), really !
Son Gohan : Yes, but this is serious. He is very dangerous ; you must promise to never look at the full moon.
Goku : Hai !
Son Gohan : I want to be really sure, what is it that you can’t look at ?
Goku : The full moon !
Son Gohan : Do you promise ?
Goku : Hai !
Grampa Gohan told me today about a big monster and that I shouldn’t look at the full moon. He looked really worried, I don’t understand what is wrong. Well, grampa taught me how to find and cut wood. But I did it with my hands. He looked very surprised, and I don’t know why. Then he taught me how to hunt and I did it with my hands, like the time I killed the ugly shark. He looked surprised again, but not too much. And then he told me many other stories about someone named Kamesennin and I like them. Then I fell asleep.
That boy is simply amazing. He cut the wood with his hands, and then killed a deer with his hands too, as if it was the most natural thing. What am I going to do ... ?
à Some weeks later J . . .
Son Gohan : Goku, as part of our training, I want to show you something special that I found one day on the bottom of a lake.
Goku : What is it ?
Son Gohan : It is a very pretty sphere with four stars on it. Look at it.
Son Gohan showed Goku one of the Dragon Spheres . . .
Goku : How pretty !
Goku took it and looked at it and touched it with great curiosity.
Son Gohan :Do you like it ?
Goku : Yes ! ! !
Son Gohan : Then, you can have it.
Goku : Nani ?
Son Gohan : Hai !
à Another Year Later J . . .
"Grampa, grampa, look at what I hunted" Goku was running wildly with a bear, easily three times his weight. I smiled at him and said : "Good boy, now you have your dinner, and I’ll get mine" Knowing with four years experience that he will eat it all in a matter of minutes and still be hungry.
We had already begun our training, and as a saying says old dogs don’t learn new tricks. I am training him sort of how Kamesennin trained me. I take him on long walks, make him climb huge mountains, push big rocks, swim in shark infested lakes. But not only that, I am teaching him how to read. It’s been a little difficult for him, but I have achieved many things with him. He’s ki is decidedly stronger.
Grampa Gohan took me today to a big mountain and told me to jump from the peak. I was scared at first, but I did it. Grampa told me the secret was to be concentrated on any root or rock that could serve me to grab myself a couple of times during the long fall. I jumped from the highest peak and nothing happened to me. Grampa even gave me an extra portion of the dear he had hunted.
I’m very happy with Goku’s progress. He is a very willing student, in every way. I am so proud of him. Last night a pack of wolves tried to atack the house but Goku killed them all expertly. I really love that boy with the unruly hair.
à Some weeks later J . . .
Son Gohan : Goku, come here I want to show you something.
Goku : What is it grampa ?
Son Gohan : It is something really special that my teacher gave me and I want to give it to you
Son Gohan showed him a stick that was about 28 inches long.
Goku : That is a stick. What is so special about it ?
Son Gohan : (laughs) Oh dear, don’t let your eyes deceive you, this "stick" as you call it, grows if you say so. Go on, try it.
Goku : (hesitantly) What must I do ?
Son Gohan : Say, "Grow magic rod."
Goku : "Grow magic rod." (gasp) It grew !
Goku is amazed with his new "toy", and doesn’t know how useful it will it be to him in the future.
à One year passes J . . .
Goku is very strong now, and he knows how to take care of himself. Tonight will be full moon, and I hope he follows my orders.
I need to go to the place where people go alone, I hope I don’t wake up grampa.
But what Goku doesn’t know is that there is a window in the bathroom and that that window faces the moon . . .
The moon, Oh, but I must not see it, oops ... I already saw it, I hope the big mean monkey doesn’t eat me.
Now we get to see the same transformation that happened 5 years ago. His eyes turn brown, like hypnotized, hair grows all over his body. Every muscle is growing, tearing up his clothes. Growing and growling more and more he breaks the roof of the house, making sounds that wake up Son Gohan.
What ? The roof broke, what happened ? . . .
Sudden realization struck, remembering a time five years ago when Goku turned into . . .
And his last words were : "Goku, NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
And his last thoughts were : "I told the boy not to look at the full moon."
Goku had no thinking, he simply, stepped on all that was in his way, destroying trees, mountains, his house, stepping on his grandfather.
Goku waked up . . .
Strange, what am I doing here ? Naked, hhmmmm. Where’s my house ? Where’s grampa ?
Goku walked until he saw the ruins of what had been his house ...
Grampa ? Grampa ? Grampa ?GRAMPA ? ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
In the floor he saw what had been his beloved grandfather, stepped on, totally dead, with blood all over ...
Now, the only sound we hear is of the gentle breeze that tries to muffle the desperate wails of a five year old child.

Donnel Peavy's There was chaos all around. Trees fell, Mountains collapsed. Nothing was safe. "HAAAA HAAAA HA HAHAAA!" The brawny warrior laughed as he flew across the horizon, crumbling another mountain. "Laser eyes!!" he yelled, and lasers bolted from his eyes, destroying yet more of the landscape. This was fun. He liked demolishing things. To him, causing destruction was second only to fighting, which was what he was born to do. He continued to fly around, destroying things as he pleased. After all, what could stop him? He landed and looked around him, surveying the landscape and taking pride in his work. He stretched out his arm and pointed two fingers upward. The result was a massive hole in the ground- a seemingly bottomless pit which made the Grand Canyon look like a crack in the sidewalk. Chuckling lightly, Super Saiya-jin stroked his golden moustache. ________________________________________________________________________ Dende scowled. His body filled with frustration as he watched what was going on below him. What in the hell was Nappa doing back on Earth? He must’ve talked Endaiou-Sama into letting him return. Dende made a mental note to have words with Endaiou-Sama. “What’s going on down there?!?” Piccolo demanded, as he ran next to Dende. I sensed a great power, and then the explosions started. “See for yourself,” Dende instructed. As the smoke from an explosion cleared, Piccolo could make out the figure of a hulking man. Piccolo’s eyes widened and he shook his head in disbelief. “Nappa? is that Nappa? Who wished him back?!? I know Vegeta didn’t, I know none of the others did, and I sure as hell didn’t - It’s been over 20 years - We couldn’t have wished him back if we wanted to. I guess someone could have wished him back a long time ago, and he could’ve been laying low for all these years, but I would’ve sensed his power. Besides, Nappa can’t sit still for a minute and a half, more less twenty something years. He would’ve died from depression because he couldn’t smash anything.” Dende Turned to face Piccolo. “I think,” he began, “Endaiou-Sama” let him return. Goku was allowed to come back, after all, so I suppose it’s possible.” Piccolo crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. “His power is much greater than before. Is he-” “Yes,” Dende replied, cutting him off. “Nappa has become a Super Saiya-Jin”. ________________________________________________________________________ Nappa never understood why Vegeta had killed him.They had been through so much... The wars and campaigns, even the battle on Earth. Hell, he trained Vegeta, and this was his thanks? But all of that was in the past, and Nappa didn’t try to understand it anymore. Vegeta was going to get what was coming to him. Nappa would be sure of that. He had done alot of training. Hard training. He could single handedly overpower both Cell and Freeza, and had done so many times. At Super Saiya-Jin level two, he could crush them. He also had an extra surprise for Vegeta- He had learned a few new attacks from cell and Freeza, As well as some he devised himself. “VEGEEETAAA!!” Nappa called his former companion’s name out loud. “YOU UNGRATEFUL SNAKE!!!” Nappa calmed himslef somewhat, squinted, and clenched his fists. “You’re mine.” ________________________________________________________________________ Crumbs fell from Goku’s mouth as he scarfed down his meal. He had an endless appetite. He finished his plate, then got seconds, and thirds, and fourths... and Goten was just as bad. Chi Chi could barely make enough food for them both, and then of course, she had to eat too, but she couldn’t make a dent in the food supply compared to what those two were capable of. And if Gohan still lived with them... Three saiya-Jin could eat enough for fifty men on any given night, and don’t let them be really hungry... There was a knock on the door, and Goten went to answer it. It was Trunks. “Come on in,” Goten told him. “We were just eating. Grab a plate.” Chi Chi looked up at the ceiling, wiped the back of her hand against her forehead and sighed. The three Saiya-Jin were in the middle of their meal, each munching a mouthful, when they suddenly stopped and looked around. Trunks swallowed his food, then spoke,“Sugoi! did you feel that?” before he could finish the statement, Goku was out the door. “Hay. I wonder who or what it was” Goten replied. “Whatever it is, it’s pretty strong.” Goten and Trunks rose from the table. “Okaasan, we’ll be back. We’re going to find whatever it was Otousan went after.” Chi Chi knew it was pointless to try and stop them “Hurry back!” she called as they bolted out the front door. ________________________________________________________________________ Vegeta was in the gravity room, training, as usual. Bra sat in the corner of the room and watched her father in fascination as he performed flawless combinations. He’d been in there nearly an hour, and had barely broken a sweat. He let loose with a flurry of jabs and reverse punches, followed by a hard roundhouse kick. He didn’t move like a middle-aged man. He could keep up with anyone half his age, and he knew it. “Come Bra,” he said to her. “It’s your turn now.” Bra struggled to stand on her feet. “Uuuuunnghh,” she wiggled, making an effort to stand. “I’m too heavy.” Vegeta couldn’t help but to smile. He had forgotten to turn the gravity down. She wasn’t exactly used to training in any gravity outside of Earth’s yet, but she did quite well in a 4g environment. He turned down the gravity, and his daughter stood. She flew towards him, wondering how well she would do today. “Ready or not, here I come!” Bra warned. She lunged at her father, and he sidestepped out of the way. She threw endless combinations, which her father blocked with ease. Vegeta executed a roudhouse kick, which Bra gracefully ducked under; she was extremely fast, and that impressed Vegeta . “HA!” she yelled and a ball of light shot upward towards Vegeta’s face. He barely he had time to move. That’s another thing that impressed him about Bra- She had an excellent sense of timing- a move like that would’ve caught most other people. She could be a great fighter one day...but her mother would never permit that. Bra resumed throwing combinations, but to no avail. Vegeta suddenly felt a surge of power. He temporarily forgot about Bra and looked toward the door of the gravity room. “KIAI!” Bra screamed. She threw a hard reverse punch- and caught her father right in the face. She was stunned. She had never managed to hit him anywhere before, let alone his face. “I did it Otousan!” she said, overjoyed. “I finally got you!” “Yes you did,” Vegeta told her. “Very good.” He felt a slight stinging sensation in his jaw. “Very good.” Vegeta touched down on the floor and headed for the door. I have to go,” he told his daughter. “You keep on training, and I’ll be back soon, okay?” “Okay,” she replied. Vegeta left the room, and Bra continued to train, with a renewed vigor. “I got him!” She exclaimed, and continued throwing combinations. ________________________________________________________________________ Nappa was getting bored. He wanted some action. More specifically he wanted Vegeta. “So it’s settled,” he said out loud to noone in particular, “I’ll hunt the little runt down.” Over the years, Nappa had taught himself to hide his Ki. This could prove to his advantage- he could get the drop on Vegeta- get within attacking range without being detected. Nappa leapt into the air, pausing for a second as he felt a strong presence approaching him.”Maybe I won’t have to look for Vegeta after all,” he said silently. “Somebody strong is headed this way.” He hid behind a nearby pile of rubble. He now sensed another strong presence...and another...and then another, but it was distant. “Well, Well,” whispered Nappa, “I guess now I can really have some fun!” Nappa looked at the three figures that approached. “Looky, looky,” he said to himself, “If it isn’t my old buddy Son Goku. The little one next to him looks just like him. Gohan-was that the runt’s name? No, It’s been too long. He should be much older. He must’ve had another son. Here comes the third one. Could he be another son of Goku’s? This one has great power...and Vegeta’s eyes. He’s young...Vegeta’s offspring? Yes, he’s definitely the prince’s son. They must’ve felt the explosions and came to investigate. Hmph. I’ll give them something to investigate...” Nappa powered up and fled from the cover of the rocks. “Konnichiwa, Son Goku” He started. Goku turned his attention toward him and narrowed his eyes. “Nappa? How the hell did you get here?” Trunks and Goten exchanged glances. “Nappa?!” They exclaimed simulteneously. Trunks scratched his head and began to speak. “Didn’t my father kill you?” The brawny, bald Saiya-jin laughed harshly. “So you are his son! I could see it in your eyes. And sense the strength of your ki. Where is your father, boy? We have a little unfinished business.” “And you,” he said, turning his head towards Goten. “Hajimemashite. You must be Goku’s brat.” “Nan da? Brat?!” Goten started to protest, but Trunks cut him off. “Unfinished business?” he inquired. “Yes,” began Nappa, “Your dear father must die.” “If you can’t beat me, You don’t stand a chance against my father.” Trunks powered up. “Let’s see what you’ve got.” _______________________________________________________________________ Dende and Piccolo watched as the events unfolded. “It’s been a long time since Nappa faced us, and he’s never encountered Trunks or Goten. He’s gonna get shell shoscked when he realizes how much we’ve powered up over the years. Tenshinhan could probably take him now, and he’s human.” An incredibly strong human, but human nontheless.” Dende didn’t respond. He kept his gaze focused on the action below. “Goku’s on the scene, now,” Dende noted. “The others shouldn’t be too far behind.” “I should be down there myself,” Piccolo remarked. “The bastard did kill me.“ “Careful,” Dende responded, “Don’t underestimate him. He has become a super Saiya-jin, maybe he can go beyond.” Piccolo frowned. The Nappa he knew had no self restraint; He’d get angry and then try to fight. Any half decent fighter knew that anger clouds the mind and ruins performance. Unless Nappa had learned to control this, Piccolo was confident that the brawny Saiya-jin stood no chance. “I’m surprised Vegeta hasn’t shown up yet,” Piccolo said, observing the gathering of fighters below. “I figured he’d be the first to come see his old pal.” Dende cracked a smile. “He’ll be here. Count on it.” ________________________________________________________________________ “Dodon!” The three-eyed powerhouse fired a blast at Chao-zu, his clown-faced best friend. The two trained for hours at a time in the mountainous region of the land. They had been living there for years now, training and perfecting their techniques. Tiny Chao-zu easily dodged the blast, and countered with a blast of his own. Tenshinhan had been training so much and so hard, that he could repeatedly use his powerful Kiko-hou attack and sustain only minimal damage to himself. When he first developed the technique, he would perish after using it only once. The attack required total concentation, and all of his ki force. “Not bad,” Tenshinhan said, in response to the blast that almost hit him. He charged forward, and they began close range combat. Chao-zu was at a slight disadvantage in close range combat, since his arms and legs were so short. Every now and then, he would manage to penetrate Tenshinhan’s defenses, however. “kiai!” Chao-zu yelled, sending a hard roundhouse kick across Tenshinhan’s chin. Ten countered with a right cross / uppercut combination which winded his little friend. “Take that!” Chao-zu yelled, firing a ki blast from his forefinger. “And that!” he said, darting in and lighting up Ten’s face with a spinning crescent kick. The triclops spread his fingers apart and raised his hands to the side of his face “Taiyoken!” An intense flash of light blinded Chao-zu, making him cover his eyes. “Tensaaaan!” Chao-zu complained, “ I hate it when you do that!” Tenshinhan chuckled. “You’ll get over it. Are you as hungry as I am?”, he asked. Choa-zu replied,”Hungry? I could eat a dinosaur!” “Last one to the cabin has to cook,” Ten challenged, and flew toward the cabin, with Chao-zu following close behind. Halfway to the cabin, the two friends halted in mid flight. “Did you feel that?” “There’s a new presence among us, a strong presence. It’s not Goku or anybody, either.” Tenshinhan concentrated, and focused with his third eye. His senses heightened. His hearing was now like that of a deer, his sight was like an eagle's. His mind and body were one, he was now in an extrasensory state which rivaled Chao-zu’s ESP. Tenshinhan turned his head in the direction from which he felt the new presence. “What the-” his words were cut off by Chao-zu’s voice ,“nan da ,Tensan?” The triclops furrowed his brow. “That can’t be right,” he said, a touch of disturbance in his voice. “Nan da, Tensan?” Chao-zu repeated. “It’s-,” he hesitated, turning to look at Chaozu. “It’s Nappa.” ________________________________________________________________________ The fighting was fierce. Trunks led with a jab, followed by a reverse punch to the solar plexus. Nappa blocked both of the blows effortlessly. Blocking the reverse punch left his hands in the perfect positon to deliver a knifehand strike to Trunk’s throat. Vegeta’s son was able to successfully parry the strike, but was caught off guard by the splintering front kick / roundhouse kick combination that followed. Nappa didn’t let up. The round house kick was followed by a lighning fast side kick that scored in Trunk’s gut, causing him to double over. He felt like he’d been kicked by a mule- in essence, he had been- a Saiya-jin mule. The pressure did not let up. No sooner did Trunks double over from the side kick, he caught an uppercut to the nose which stood him back up slightly, followed by a knee strike which doubled him over again. “Come on!” Cheered Goten, “Don’t let that ape get the best of you!” Trunks gritted his teeth and powered up once more. He became super Saiya-jin. ________________________________________________________________________ The wind raced through Vegeta’s hair. His body was staight, and his arms were by his sides, extended at forty degree angles, resembling a fighter plane with the wings swept back. He gritted his teeth, squinted his eyes, and flew faster, and faster. He was anxious to see Nappa again. To kill Nappa again. Even though he was now more docile than when he was youger, The urge was surfacing. He was still a bad guy, he
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