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Dragon Ball Ring HTML FRAGMENT

<!--- Begin Dragon Ball Ring Fragment ---> <font size=4> <B> <CENTER> <A HREF="">Dragon Ball Ring</A><BR> Page belongs to <A HREF="mailto:_______">______</A><BR> <A HREF=""> <CENTER><img border=0 src=""></CENTER></A> [ <A HREF=""> NEXT PAGE!</A> I <A HREF=""> SKIP IT!</A> I <A HREF=""> PREVIOUS PAGE!</A> I <A HREF=""> NEXT FIVE!</A> ] <BR> <BR> Want to join in the fight?!?! Then click <A HREF="">here</A> for details!! <BR> <BR> </CENTER> </b> </font> <!!--- End of Dragon Ball Ring Fragment --->

In the blank after the mailto statement be sure to put your email address and not a blank line. In the next place but in your name or nick name. In the blanks provided after the id= be sure to put your site's number and not a blank line. Just trying to trouble-shoot before it starts.

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